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Project Description
SIPDump is a packet capture tool for writing SIP calls to pcap files. It listens on a specified interface for any new SIP calls and writes them to disk.


SIPDump writes each call it sees on the interface to a pcap file, one per call, the filename matches the Call ID.

Project Aims

  • Easy separation of calls from other network traffic
  • Logging of call information such as caller and callee
  • Logging of call setup and takedown
  • Filtering to allow you to capture only certain calls. E.g.
    • Caller or Callee
    • Destination IP or Source IP
  • Conversion of RTP into WAV or other audio types

Current Features

  • Writes calls to PCAP files
  • Outputs analysis file detailing call information in txt file
  • Includes SIP, RTP & RTCP packets
  • Allows you to select the interface to listen on

Future Features

  • Convert RTP to WAV/MP3
  • Allow details to be logged to data store, e.g.
    • MSSQL
    • MYSQL
    • XML

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